M. G. Friedrich

Little is known about M.G. Friedrich, but his signature appears on many maritime and sailing paintings from the period in the middle of XX century.
M.G. Friedrich was born in Strasbourg, Alsace Lorraine in 1908, eventually moving to the South of France where he adopted the ways of the sea and became an exceptional yachtsman. He joined the free French Navy and after World War II he decided to leave the military and pursue his love of painting.
Friedrich became best known as a highly technical and detail artist in the creation of seascape paintings, particularly of coastal yacht racing. Many of his paintings are taken from the Mediterranean and New England coastlines of yachts under full billowing sails, racing through white capped seas. Though he kept his home in Southern France, he would often spend his summers on Cape Cod, where he was known to depict the Kennedy family and friends on board their yachts.
M.G. Friedrich has been compared to the great artist Montegue Dawson, often being called “the poor man’s Montegue Dawson”. His works are in public and private collections throughout France, Germany and the United States..