Erma Harbin

Erma Marcella Polvado was born on May 10, 1905 in Vanderpool, Texas, USA.
She was a very talented self-taught artist selling many of her paintings at local arts & craft shows.
Erma Marcella Polvado first married Rex Conway Curtis (1899-1946) about 1925. They had 2 children both dying young.
Erma and second husband Paul Harbin(1907-1993) married 23 Mar 1948. A gifted piano turner, Paul used crutches as he was born with only 1 leg. In their late 40s, Erma & Paul adopted a baby daughter, Deborah Sue Harbin (1954-2003). They moved to Uvalde, TX where they lived out their elder years almost destitute.
Erma died on November 29, 1995..