Nicholas Takis

Nicholas Takis was born in New Your City in 1903. He studied at Art Student's League in 1919. Took classes at New York School of Fine & Applied Art, and New York Evening School of Industrial Art.
From an “Evening Journal” article written around 1930:“Although Nicholas Takis enjoyed all of the luxuries of a millionaire’s son only a few years ago and today is selling his paintings for what he can get, the change in his fortune doesn’t bother him. He’s as “happy now as I ever was,” with his wife, Mrs. Marjorie Takis, and son, Robert, he said. In addition, he’s able to continue his art career."
Nicholas spent his entire career in New Your City and died of cancer in St. Clare's Hospital in 1965.
Nicholas Takis was a pioneer in American Expressionism and was best known for the stylized modernist figures painted in a semiabstract style.
His paintings have been exhibited in several prominent museums, such as the Contemporary Art Gallery in New York, 1936; Valentine Gallery, NYC; Raymond & Raymond Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA; Outlines Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA; Research Museum, Maitland, FL; Bertha Schaefer Gallery; Onya LaTour Gallery.
His works are in many private collections: Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller; Joseph Hirshorn, Torin Thatcher, Helena Rubenstein, Mrs. Albert Warner, Mr. John Stratton, William Weintraub, Mr. Morris Haft, Mrs. Jennings Lang, Marian Willard, David Willentz, Elka Chase, Evelyn Annenberg, Bob Sokoler, Marlon Brando, Jack Oakie, Wendy Barrie..